Vibration Plate Exercises & Workout Videos & Charts

Some vibration plates don't come packaged with exercise charts and even if they do it can be beneficial to expand your knowledge by learning more exercises to increase the all round fitness of your body. On this page you will find a range of vibration plate exercises in both video and chart for to ensure that you maximise the benefit while using your vibration machine.

Vibration Plate Exercise Charts

Below are some vibration plate exercise charts from the various manufacturers, these should give you a good knowledge of the various exercises you can perform.

Vibration Plate Exercise Videos

Beginners Guide

This instructional video is suitable for beginners and provides a great introduction to the various exercises available.

Lower Body Workout

A low impact workout that will tone both your legs and bum area.

Full Body Workout for Women

This full body workout for women includes pushups, shoulder press, side squats, squats, and planks.

Core & Abs Workout

Exercises to work your core region.